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Client story

“Jani gets how we work around here.”

SWM-Wood Ltd in Pursiala, Mikkeli, is a leader in the production of heat-treated sawn timber. We are one of the world’s most significant producers of heat-treated sawn timber.

We do not employ our own electrician, so we acquire electrical services from partners whenever necessary. We have collaborated with Virtatie for a long time, during which Jani Himanen has conducted two different types of work. Electrical maintenance in our industry encompasses work such as replacing electrical motors and fault analysis. Jani has also provided electrical work on our property, including the lighting, heating, investments, and procedures required for new constructions.

We appreciate that Jani knows the technologies we use and how we operate things. This means that there is no need to constantly explain our process from the beginning; how our equipment functions and the location of the machinery that requires maintenance. We also appreciate that Jani is always willing to provide his services and respond promptly. In our industry, working hours include evenings and weekends. Hats off to Jani because he’s been able to help even at the most exotic working hours.

Erkka Himanen

Production manager


Client story

”Fire and water damage sites require special expertise”

Polygon Finland is a company specialising in damage reconstruction. We assess damages caused by water and fire and conduct possible demolition, drying, and reconstruction work if the client so wishes. We also conduct indoor air quality testing and repairs. We work together with many insurance companies, property managers, and municipalities.

In damage situations, we need assistance from our HVAC and electrical repair partners. We have worked with Virtatie for many years and our cooperation has been very good. It is crucial that we promptly receive the services of an electrical professional. Reparation work cannot be delayed for weeks, it has to be done straight away.

Damage construction is a totally different issue from new constructions. Special skills are required from an electrician at both fire and water damage sites. Damaged electrical equipment must be handled in a way that the professionals can safely conduct the actual demolition and reconstruction work at the site. We have absolutely no complaints about our partnership with Virtatie.

Mika Nenonen

Service Manager

Polygon Finland

Client story

”Predictive maintenance minimises the risk of fire”

Soimäen Laatu-Saparo runs a piglet farm in Mikkeli. Virtatie has managed the farm’s electrical maintenance from the beginning, in 2015. Operating a large piglet farm entails a variety of installation tasks, including preventive work. For example, thermal imaging of electrical cabinets and mapping of the current situation is of crucial importance at a piglet farm, particularly since some of the electrical installations are aged. Predictive maintenance reduces the risk of electrical failures and thus reduces the risk of fire. A large number of pig barns have been destroyed by fire.

A pig farm is a special site for an electrician because working with animals, protection against disease, and other hygienic prevention are important. Protective clothing must be worn. Also, the ventilation equipment and feeding must be operational continuously. Installation work cannot be interrupted once it has begun. Some of the technology, such as the automated ventilation system, is very specialised, and working on it has increased Virtatie’s know-how.

Cooperation with Virtatie has been exceptionally good. I especially value flexibility. An electrician has been able to come whenever we have had problems.

Paavo Sävilammi


Soimäen Laatu-Saparo

Client story

”Virtatie delivers the expertise we require”

AVS-yhtiöt is a metal industry firm that manufactures industrial valves in Mikkeli. We have collaborated with Virtatie for several years. We have mainly employed the services of an electrician to repair machines and other electrical work. Our machines are quite different and electrical work on them requires extensive expertise from an electrician. We’ve found this expertise at Virtatie. We also value the fact that when we call Jani in the event of a fault, he doesn’t keep us waiting for the electrician to come and fix the problem. Production must keep running.

Ari Rasa

Production manager


Client story

”We hope for a long-term partnership with Virtatie”

Virtatie has performed basic maintenance work at our power plant. An industrial plant entails jobs ranging from changing lamps to running cables for new installations. Virtatie has renovated the grounds around the power plant and installed systems for vehicle charging and heating, as well as outdoor lighting.

Because an industrial plant is in question, extra care and attentiveness is important, because faults can lead to extensive financial losses. Personal safety is also of great importance. Generators and transformers are large, and the short-circuit currents are high. The electrician must be extremely careful in their work, such as in the inspection measurements of installations.

Our environment is very demanding and thus we are not able to train more people to work here. The electrician must pass our general induction, but knowledge of the equipment must be at a level that they can perform the work. Skills and experience increase with time. We hope for a long-term partnership with Virtatie, whom we can depend on for assistance in urgent situations.

Mika Manninen

Electrical engineer


Client story

”Jani does his job just as it should be done”

Maatalousyhtymä Sihvonen maintains a dairy farm of 80 cows. We are among Virtatie’s first clients and our cooperation in electrical work continues. Virtatie has conducted both electrical installations and preventive maintenance tasks in the past. The assignments have included basic repairs, replacing fuses, renewal of lighting, repairing equipment, and installing electricity in our new building. During one occasion, the electrical equipment from the milking room was required to relocate to a temporary location due to the renovation of the floor. Virtatie performed the job during the break between milkings.

In our field, it is crucial that electrical equipment runs without any interruptions. All equipment related to the welfare of animals and barn operations require electricity, and the risk of fire is immense in case of any electrical issues. The substantial moisture and different types of dust in a barn create a challenging environment for an electrician. One must also consider the welfare of the animals at all times.

Cooperation with Virtatie has been exceptionally smooth. When Jani comes to do something, he does it precisely the way it is supposed to be done, not at all sloppily.

I particularly appreciate Jani’s willingness to assist. Electrical faults rarely occur during office hours. Jani always responds to the phone and takes care of repairs during the weekends if necessary.

Kari Sihvonen

Maatalousyhtymä Sihvonen