Client story

”Fire and water damage sites require special expertise”

Polygon Finland is a company specialising in damage reconstruction. We assess damages caused by water and fire and conduct possible demolition, drying, and reconstruction work if the client so wishes. We also conduct indoor air quality testing and repairs. We work together with many insurance companies, property managers, and municipalities.

In damage situations, we need assistance from our HVAC and electrical repair partners. We have worked with Virtatie for many years and our cooperation has been very good. It is crucial that we promptly receive the services of an electrical professional. Reparation work cannot be delayed for weeks, it has to be done straight away.

Damage construction is a totally different issue from new constructions. Special skills are required from an electrician at both fire and water damage sites. Damaged electrical equipment must be handled in a way that the professionals can safely conduct the actual demolition and reconstruction work at the site. We have absolutely no complaints about our partnership with Virtatie.

Mika Nenonen

Service Manager

Polygon Finland