Client story

”Predictive maintenance minimises the risk of fire”

Soimäen Laatu-Saparo runs a piglet farm in Mikkeli. Virtatie has managed the farm’s electrical maintenance from the beginning, in 2015. Operating a large piglet farm entails a variety of installation tasks, including preventive work. For example, thermal imaging of electrical cabinets and mapping of the current situation is of crucial importance at a piglet farm, particularly since some of the electrical installations are aged. Predictive maintenance reduces the risk of electrical failures and thus reduces the risk of fire. A large number of pig barns have been destroyed by fire.

A pig farm is a special site for an electrician because working with animals, protection against disease, and other hygienic prevention are important. Protective clothing must be worn. Also, the ventilation equipment and feeding must be operational continuously. Installation work cannot be interrupted once it has begun. Some of the technology, such as the automated ventilation system, is very specialised, and working on it has increased Virtatie’s know-how.

Cooperation with Virtatie has been exceptionally good. I especially value flexibility. An electrician has been able to come whenever we have had problems.

Paavo Sävilammi


Soimäen Laatu-Saparo