Client story

”Jani does his job just as it should be done”

Maatalousyhtymä Sihvonen maintains a dairy farm of 80 cows. We are among Virtatie’s first clients and our cooperation in electrical work continues. Virtatie has conducted both electrical installations and preventive maintenance tasks in the past. The assignments have included basic repairs, replacing fuses, renewal of lighting, repairing equipment, and installing electricity in our new building. During one occasion, the electrical equipment from the milking room was required to relocate to a temporary location due to the renovation of the floor. Virtatie performed the job during the break between milkings.

In our field, it is crucial that electrical equipment runs without any interruptions. All equipment related to the welfare of animals and barn operations require electricity, and the risk of fire is immense in case of any electrical issues. The substantial moisture and different types of dust in a barn create a challenging environment for an electrician. One must also consider the welfare of the animals at all times.

Cooperation with Virtatie has been exceptionally smooth. When Jani comes to do something, he does it precisely the way it is supposed to be done, not at all sloppily.

I particularly appreciate Jani’s willingness to assist. Electrical faults rarely occur during office hours. Jani always responds to the phone and takes care of repairs during the weekends if necessary.

Kari Sihvonen

Maatalousyhtymä Sihvonen