Client story

“Jani gets how we work around here.”

SWM-Wood Ltd in Pursiala, Mikkeli, is a leader in the production of heat-treated sawn timber. We are one of the world’s most significant producers of heat-treated sawn timber.

We do not employ our own electrician, so we acquire electrical services from partners whenever necessary. We have collaborated with Virtatie for a long time, during which Jani Himanen has conducted two different types of work. Electrical maintenance in our industry encompasses work such as replacing electrical motors and fault analysis. Jani has also provided electrical work on our property, including the lighting, heating, investments, and procedures required for new constructions.

We appreciate that Jani knows the technologies we use and how we operate things. This means that there is no need to constantly explain our process from the beginning; how our equipment functions and the location of the machinery that requires maintenance. We also appreciate that Jani is always willing to provide his services and respond promptly. In our industry, working hours include evenings and weekends. Hats off to Jani because he’s been able to help even at the most exotic working hours.

Erkka Himanen

Production manager