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Regular service work guarantees the safe and secure operation of electrical systems and helps to keep maintenance costs under control.

With its versatile experience, Virtatie has a good track record in conducting comprehensive electrical projects in both industrial and small business applications. While working at our clients’ facilities, we take care of the work in a considerate and tidy manner, maintaining the agreed schedule.

We customise our services individually according to our client’s requirements and encourage inquiries for additional information and offers. Share your problem with us.

Maintenance service

Predictive maintenance of electrical equipment ensures that everything functions correctly, ensuring safety and reducing costs. A significant number of fires are caused by electrical installations or electric instruments, caused by faults or incorrect use. In addition to periodic inspections, electrical equipment must be serviced. Thermal imaging helps to detect potential fire hazards, which may lead to interruptions in business operations.


  •  Predictive maintenance
  • Thermal imaging of electrical equipment
  • Electrical installations, reparations, and alterations
  • Security solutions
  • Energy-saving solutions
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar panels
  • Maintenance guidance
  • Supplies

The maintenance of electrical equipment begins with mapping to decide the current condition of the electrical equipment.

Next, a repair recommendation is made for the items requiring action. After this, we recommend that a maintenance programme is compiled for the following years.

Service work done in advance is always more cost-effective than interrupted operations and hurried repairs. Regular maintenance ensures the desired safety level and excellent operational reliability of the systems. Anticipatory measures also facilitate the control of maintenance costs.

Other services

Virtatie also conducts comprehensive electrical projects and maintenance at industrial sites and smaller operations. Comprehensive expertise and a wide range of partners guarantee individual service for each client.

Our services include thermal imaging of electrical equipment for enhanced security, and safeguarding fire protection. We install and maintain solutions for charging electric vehicles, access control systems, and heat pumps using renewable energy.

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We offer our clients 24/7 service in case of faults.