Virtatie employees are trained to conduct the most demanding tasks.

Reliable and comprehensive service in the field of electricity requires versatile training. In addition to basic training as an electrician, employees are required to know about occupational safety, fire work and first aid.

Virtatie continuously trains its personnel in more demanding tasks in the electrical industry. The company’s employees are trained and qualified to conduct voltage work training, potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), refrigeration and thermal imaging of electrical equipment.

Voltage work training is required because working on low and high-voltage equipment is allowed only by a qualified electrician.

Electricians who have undergone Atex training are qualified to work safely in potentially explosive atmospheres and have a good understanding of the principles and equipment structures of explosion protection.

The E3 qualification for refrigeration work covers the installation, maintenance, servicing, repair, decommissioning, leak inspection, and recovery of equipment containing less than three kilograms of refrigerant.

Thermal imaging requires LK1 qualification, also fulfilled by Virtatie.