Career story

”An employee can also have an impact”

During my final year at the Etelä-Savo vocational college, I joined Virtatie for the on-the-job training period included in the basic electrical education. I obtained a permanent job here after my graduation.

Since my time as a student, Virtatie has been able to provide me with a variety of electrical installation and maintenance tasks. I have had the opportunity to observe various types of projects and client applications. Sometimes I work together with other professionals and now and again I complete jobs independently. Safety is paramount and no one is allowed to work independently on projects unless fully qualified.

I have received positive feedback from both clients and Jani regarding how much I have learned during this period. I also appreciate the fact that at Virtatie one can have an influence if you desire to change something. As an employee, one can have an impact on matters.

Aleksi Härkänen